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to the Parent:

Dear Parent, we wish our children to be professionals owning a high rank and strive, that our dreams are fulfilled in our children…  this is fine.. this is also subjected to the inherent capabilities of the children.

I base my view in the following statement


Train up child in the way he should grow, and when he is old, he will not depart from it


This literally holds good in most of my observations, ofcourse there are many situations where children are asked to drive after their dreams. 

There is no particular theory nor principle, to categorically classify whether a child is to be grown only in a particular way.  So, the best we can do is to well equip the child, with the resources, that can help them to strive for better.,


This may be in the process of making of their own dreams come true or may be the process of making your dreams come true, in your children, … in either of the ways, he reaches greater heights.

This book is intended to enhance his thinking capabilities and exploring new questions, which they cannot get at their age.  So, ask these questions and help them explore answers/solutions to the questions.


This can help them to think different and think better.  This book may not help them to stand first in the class but can certainly help them to inculcate the habit of thinking the same in different or alternative ways.


If you are a parent, reading this book,

please ask your child to contextually explore.

The basic objective of this book is to let the child think beyond that which is given in the text book and explore more on the same topic.


This book can also help parents to guide their children towards UPSC Examinations.


To the reader/student:

This book is not intended to read and understand but helps as pre and post reading activity. 

This book contains questions, which you can answer before or after studying respective chapters. 


  • Read these questions and answer them, before you study, to have a better understanding. 
  •  Read these questions and answer them, after you study, to know the level of your understanding.


Questions are collected from NCERT Text book for Class IV Science.


This can help the reader to recollect the content that is studied with regular text book or after listening to class teacher or watching various videos on specific chapters.


The other way, through which this book can be helpful is to get all the questions that a chapter can contain.  The later method is better method of preparing for a lesson.  That is, before you go to a new lesson, read all the possible questions, before reading through the chapter, try to answer in your own words, or by talking to yourself, about the questions and then read the chapter or listen to respective class.


This method can prepare you with different questions that you can come across while studying the lesson.


The second method is more efficient than the first one, as we know what we are going to read, just like knowing the road conditions before we take up a journey.  If we don’t know the road we take before starting a journey, will lead to every possible doubt on journey, which will always cut the speed of the journey.


Just try the second method once, and you will really enjoy this way.  I used it and found it effective, with myself and also helped my children to adopt the same method.

Towards to the end of all the questions part, I have provided the reader with questions and answers, which may be of some use for additional reference only.


Wishing you all the best.,

God bless you and guide you in all your understandings.



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with regards,

and Skills Team

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