I am currently working with "Machine Learning" Course from PadhAI - OneFourth Labs


Previously, worked as Consultant - Business Process Reengineering, with Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies and learning TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).  These methodologies, strive to drive out waste, and reduce variance respectively and promote innovation. Let me not ignore the Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.


TRIZ primarily deals with applying Existing Methodologies, by transforming them into current context, based on 40 Principles.,


"Lean and Six Sigma" basically are methodologies that help us look into the system through various lenses.


"Process ReEngineering" basically deals Process Optimisation by re-mapping the entire process (both upstream and downstream including the current process) applying various methods and techniques.


Please feel free to share the topics discussed here.  To any mail, that I receive, to the most probable extent, I shall respond in person.

Firstly: Sincere thanks to the Technology, that has brought in, abundant and free resources to help mankind, to learn any concept virtually, provided, one has that strong instinct to learn.


Secondly: Regarding the code content that is published over here, my sincere efforts are to impart working knowledge but not professional knowledge. For a beginner, published content will be helpful to understand the basic concepts, later on, one can build up.


I do this, based on my previous teaching experience at various work places, where I was involved in projects esp. in Service Sector.


Thirdly: I admit that, there are very many good and handsome websites than this, but this is my feeble attempt to make my contribution.


I am building this web-site on my own, using Hostinger templates, if any one, wants to learn HTML and CSS, or other internet programming, click mouse right button, select View Source and see the code., this will help you learn easily. but remember, you need to learn three important principles in coding, they are PRACTICE, Practice, pRACTICE...

about me...


Founded : 6th June 2014
Owner : Repath Athyala

Working Experience:

Working on course with "Machine Learning" and developing Alexa Skills for Children from Classes I and IV., some of them are certified from Amazon Certification team and are LIVE.


Previsouly with:

  • Accenture Services, Hyderabad, Business Excellence Advisory Role. 
    Business Excellence Lead: serving two Major Global IT Giants - Facebook and Microsoft.
    RPA Process and Solution Architect Global Agri Products Client - Sinarmas - Indonesia.
    HSBC Bank: Process Architect - Process Reengineering & RPA (Robotic Process Automation).
    Domain: RPA with Blueprism, AI, Operational Excellence.
  • WNS Global Services, Pune as Group Manager, Quality, Process Excellence Consultant for Service side of FedEx, Lytx, Ryder and Equiline Companies., LSS Blackbelt, RPA
    Domain: Shipping & Logistics Vertical.
  • GENPACT India, Pvt., Ltd.,
    as Manager, Coding with Excel, Ms.Access and Ms. Outlook.
    Process ReEngineering and, Lean-Six Sigma Blackbelt role, RPA.  Certified Green belt for Project Reengineering with Lean Methodology and Qualified LSS Black Belt.
    Domain: Finance and Accounts.
  • IBM India,
    as Sales Reports Specialist and Management Professional for LatAM region. Sales and Reporting COE
    Domain: Sales Reporting
  • HSBC - HDPI,
    as CSE @ Credits COE and Asst. Manager - Operations @ Payments Portfolio. Develop tools in Ms.Access towards Process Management and Quality Improvement. 
    Domain: Banking, Credits and Payments
  • TATA Consultancy Services,
    as Hardware Engineer - CBFL Programme, a TCS Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.
    Domain: IT - Hardware (assembling to deployment), Teaching and Maintenance.
  • APTECH Computer Education,
    as Teaching Faculty, Windows Arch I and II, Visual Basic, Oracle, Microsoft Office, SSAD, and others...  Handled many batches incorporating training to Corporate Companies and Government departments like ITC, Tobacco Board, Police Department, Revenue Department and others...



Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Process ReEngineering Consulting:  Redesign the process to accomodate speed, accuracy and transparency in the system, thus serving Client Centric Business Specific Goals.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business/Process Excellence, Consultation, Re-Engineering and Re-Designing business processes.
  • Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt Trained and Tested from QAI Global and Green Belt Certified from GENPACT, adopted Methodology: LEAN.
  • Designing and Developing IT Solutions towards Process Excellence with Ms.Access, Automation with VBA for Excel and Outlook - Mail Monitoring System.

Areas of Interests: 

  • Reading from Geography, Psychology, Public Administration.
  • Listening to Light Music
  • Observing people and their nature
  • Counselling / Mentoring

The most useful links:

  1. MLJ Trust
  2. CFC India Website
  3. RZIM
  4. Dr. Ravi Zecharias YouTube Channel
  5. Joseph Hoffman - Free Piano Lessons
  6. Bilingual Bibles Online (nearly 13 different languages)


YouTube Channel 


I like the tag line of HSBC
Different people, different Views ....to which I add
Different minds, different Opinions...

Regarding my personal life...

I am a student of software industry since 1993. Worked with companies that do not need any introduction like: APTECH, TATA Consultancy Services, HSBC, IBM, Genpact (Hyderabad), WNS (Pune)...

also, Indian Civil Services aspirant , where an accidental incident left me differently employed, by the way, Civil Services is considered to be the STEEL FRAME of Indian administration, a legacy of British Empire.

I prefer to write purely out of the intention to help my fellow beings and the views/content I express here are my personal views and/or experiences.  If you find any of my personal views or code useful, you are INVITED to copy, use or distribute it FOR FREE. If there exists any problems with the code, please do let me know for corrections, so that, the one that follows may not face similar concerns.


Any other content that is published, which is either borrowed or collected from other sources, that I came across in my studies on various subjects, for sure, I will mention the sources. Kindly contact the original source for any copy right related issues.


One last request / adivce: Learn and/or do alteast one new activity each month, I recommend, atleast one per week (eg: atleast a new learning video on YouTube). This will always help you stand out of the crowd, also, would keep you afresh and active mentally, sharpens intellect and helps in delivering innovative solutions...


With thanks and regards,

Riphath Athyala.

riphath@outlook.com || repath@repath.in