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I want to share with you a couple of incidents, which drew my attention, that I observed on the main road near my office at HSBC.


There are a couple of children, on the main road running hither-thither, at cars, bikes and other people standing on road, with some papers in their hands.


These are the papers distributed by their respective schools, to inculcate in children the art of communication, and the art of getting things done.  

These children are collecting funds for some orphanage schools over here. The intention is good.

  • What if something happens to the children, when running here and there?
  • What would have been the basic purpose of collection?
  • Will they ever try to do the same act again...?
  • Will their parents allow them for such activity, though it is their negligence...?  

I saw another incident where a father came with her daughter with the same purpose. He was standing at some distance and guiding her daughter to go to people and explain them the purpose and ask them for funds. She carried with her a earthen pot (which in India we call Hundi – the size of a tumbler), and a paper, to make note of the givers, asking the people over there to donate for a cause.


Some of them asked her some funny questions, some of them donated as if she is a begging girl from some well-to-do community, some inquired her of the papers she was displaying them, and some humiliated her for such act and made fun of her. In a couple of instances, she couldnot bear the burnt and ran to her father, and cried in his arms. 

But the father took her, hugged her and told her, that is the world today, and, you are preparing yourself to live in such a world tomorrow, and is explaining her, of, how many people rebuked her, how many of them responded to her in a positive manner, and others.

I say “A responsible Father” the same may be the case with mothers, but in India, we donot or cannot imagine a mother doing the same, but I donot have any negative view of mothers, as I have seen good mothers, I should say, very, good mothers even better than fathers in many issues.. 


He took from his bag, some of Cadbury chocolates, and asked her, to give them to all those whome she met.  It was a dam disgrace on the part of the people, who mocked at her, a lesson for those who gave her a half heart, and a thank you for those who responded her actively.


We may think on the other side that, this girl may turn over dependent on her father more than she relied on her self, but that wouldnot be the case as he is teaching her the art of getting things done and the art of facing a realtime world, which the children wandering on the roads are deprieved of, but face the blunt face of the world at a tender age. 

  • How do we receive people?
  • How do we respond… and to whome…?
  • What would you do when you see both the cases… ?
  • Does our children call us good father/mother…?

This is a lesson for me as well, as God has blessed me with two daughters...
I sincerely thank you for reading this observation of mine. 

to Conclude...


Know, Think, Do

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