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There are many New Years celebrated across different regions of the world and this is one such… Why could not the other New Years gain this much importance in their own celebrations… should I say, globalisation of celebrations... this new year concept existed even before countries started peeping into other countries and influencing the native ones on various reasons like effective administrative principles, energy efficient technologies and various other percepts,

In India alone, we have many new years… like Tamil New Year, Telugu New Year, and the like, and globally, Chinese New Year, New Year according to many other cultures and traditional practices...


First of all do we need to have a new year to celebrate?  The following are few questions to consider...


  • What is the difference between a day before New Year day and a day after...?
  • What difference does it make, to which class and/or of which community?
  • What established difference does it make in a common man’s life?
  • What if, we had to celebrate New Year every quarter just as banks maintain their quarterly accounts?
  • What if, our year has only 120 days and not 365 days or 1000 days instead of 365?
  • What if, our new year be, if people counted a year – from rain fall to rain fall? -- as there are places on the face of the earth where there are two high rainfalls a year (equatorial region – which is called as double-maxima)
  • or from season change to season change (as we have only two seasons called summer and winter, and rainy season is not a season because, rain falls in summer, in some areas, and in winter, in some other areas…)
  • What would we have done, if we had to live on the poles, either at the Arctic circle or at the Antarctic circle, when we have to celebrate a new year every 365 years as they have 6 months night and 6 months day to constitute our one day, and we have only 12hrs day and 12hrs night.
  • What if we re-design our calendar to 10 months a year, with 100 days a month and 10 days a week, or something like that, (ofcourse, we may not call it a week, but some thing else) as we are following every thing in the exponentials of 10 (multiples of 10), then we may have perfect synchronisation than having 7 days a week, 30/31days a month or 365 days a year. 

Then can we establish a circle with some 100 degrees and its successive calculations, instead of the current established value that a circle has 360 degrees of which sun takes 4 minutes to travel each degree and hence 15 degrees every hour, thus 180 degrees/15 degrees = 12hrs constitute half a day and the rest 180 degrees the night time (approximately).

Does these Special Day Celebrations constitute to any thing…? to be responsible to our environment, we have World’s Environment day, we do all sorts of drama on that day and forget everything, after that event passes by… and so what is the use of these days?
We have International Councils to guard these days and to take appropriate measures, but those countries that make adequate show-off in these council meets, do less and less towards the very purpose of the declared day. 


-and the pitiest issue is that we have come to a state where we have to have, a parents day like, a fathers day, a mothers day and the others, not to say a big list...  


and we remember them only on that day and forget them by the same evening or after the very phone call, and I heard many a parent (either father or mother) say that their son/daughter had no time even to wish me on Father/Mother’s Day and excuse them with some lame excuses, like may be, he is busy with his schedule as he has recently go promoted etc.,


I believe, we have to create atleast two more days like Gay Friend’s Day, Concubine’s day., and ofcourse many more to come/follow.


The same is the case with a father or mother or both towards their only son/daughter on the BIRTH DAY DATE, they bestow, on their kids all sorts of gifts and entertain him with all sorts of amusements and the very next day, the kid will experience a little less than hell environment with the same people who bestowed on him etcetera just the previous day.


I do often wonder how parents can shower such tremendous love on that particular day and it vanishes after these few moments passes by...

gallery/new-year-celebration-photo-for-inuth, to Conclude:

We can Think, differently... but do we..?

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Thence-forth, it will be easier for the next n generations to make them remember things more easier, right from their early school days, instead of confusing them 10 number system for counting numbers, and 7 number system for counting days. In this case a circle may have some 1000 degrees (or a Kilo Degree) just as we have a Kilo Byte to be 1000 (1024) Bytes.


 This may greatly reduce the margin of error in conversions and thus attain a uniform and universal number system, may it be measurement or currency or conversion etc…


Though, all the raised questions have equally potent answers, and justify the cause, BUT...

  • May I call this hypocrisy... so that WE may agree…

  • So do we celebrate the days as they are or for the people behind the established days?

  • If we celebrate these days for the sake of celebration, then WHY?