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To the best of knowledge coupled with experience, there is no single way or multiple ways to gain comfortable ease, but through practice. Also, there is NONE like 'Expert' in IT Industry, every one is a 'student'

and never can be a 'master'...


This applies to anyone, no matter, who ever he is,  

just because, this industry is never static, to call one-self an all-knowing person.  

Infact, industry itself is a variable, can never be a constant.


With exception to Database Functionality in Ms.Access, 
Ms.Excel and Ms.Access Code looks very similar,

so, working with one, can ease your work, with the other.

My Objective is not to make you an Expert in VBA,

but, a feeble attempt to help in your day-to-day job with Excel, 

and the target audience are from Service Sector.

for your assistance:

  1. Some of menu items are labelled as "Excel Code", "Access Code". 
  2. These indicate that the working code is placed as is. 
  3. It may be foolish to say that, you have the exact situation,
    but my effort is to provide you with working code. 
  4. At the least, you can have code, so that, you can help yourself required modifications, to suit your idea or requirement.
  5. this can also provide you with alternative way of approach.