about this skill

  • This skill contains a list of facts from Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies.  Now this skill has over 85 facts and will keep adding more to the list.

How this skill works:

  • This skill reads one fact and waits for the user to respond.
  • These facts are chosen at randon and speaks out.

How to Launch this skill

  • Enable the skill on the Alexa.  To Enable this skill, Just say "Alexa, Open Six Sigma Clues" or "Alexa, Launch Six Sigma Clues". 
  • Alexa will ask to enable this skill, respond saying YES.  This skill can also be enabled through Alexa App on mobile device. 

How to Repeat

  • The user can respond with key words like "Repeat", "Once again please", "Please repeat", "Once more", "Once again", words. 
  • Alexa repeats the same fact again, and asks, if you want to repeat. 
  • The user can respond with either an YES or a NO, the session will still remain active.

How to get Next Fact

  • To get the next fact, say "Next" or "next one" or "tell me another one" or "another one" or "another fact" or "tell me next fact" or "next fact". 
  • Alexa will get the next fact at randon, based on the random formula in the Code.

How to Stop and Close

  • The user can respond with key words like "Stop", to close the skill. 
  • Alexa will close the session and close the skill as well.

Six Sigma Facts - Skill

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  • References to assist with Skill Facts:

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The most useful links:

  1. MLJ Trust
  2. CFC India Website
  3. RZIM
  4. Dr. Ravi Zecharias YouTube Channel
  5. Joseph Hoffman - Free Piano Lessons


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