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In the next decade, those people who work hard and relied on their genuine hardwork can say, whole heartedly, "Gone are the days where buttering and favouritism earned higher revenues"., According to market study, 28% companies have already completed their journey with RPA, nearly 50% are pursuing RPA, and rest are yet to start..

"RPA" in very simple terms is just similar to a macro written in Ms. Excel. Please don't try to equate it, as the connotation and context are much more and complex. This example is for a very preliminary understanding. 


  • Just like a macro does manual work automatically, so does RPA technology.

in Human perspective

One strong disadvantage of this technology is that it cannot perfectly read text from image format files - no matter, whatever technology one uses (as per my working knowledge - world is eagerly awaiting such technology)

to Conclude:

Please Know, Think, Prepare to Act...!

I wanted to write on this topic as I take this as a responsibility...

my job is this, I get my bread and butter from this profession.

What is RPA?

Market scope for RPA


Support or Negate..?


One Notable point is that: most of the innovations start, when the existing methodology is reached the point of saturation and activity has become mundane or routine. The extra-ordinary human capacity lies in understanding the pace of the world in comparision to his own.

a Generic View: Where can RPA be..? 


This technology can be implemented in any area of processing like processing a transaction - which involves copy / paste operations, manipulating data and altering the form of data by formatting text, putting routine formula for synopsis/summary, triggering auto-responses to mails and many more.

Process automation can elevate and eliminate almost all back-office works, work in finance domain, procurement, purchase order issuing, supply chain management, accounting, human resources, including data entry, business processes that require getting data from multiple systems, integrating them in to single file, working on it and disposing it to different other or existing systems.

Target Domains


This technology, especially, has a hard hit on out-sourcing industry as the revenues out of this is much higher than normal FTE cost.


Working on too many unpredictable and complex situations are not in the scope of this technology, but under the ambit of Artificial Intelligence. A simple, widely used, best examples of artificial intelligence is "Cortana" of Microsoft, IBM has "Watson", Google "Speak" and others, where when you ask a question, it displays all the suggestions towards the given work command.

  • Highly visible advantage is "error free" - once the system is configured, Repeatability and Reproducibility criteria are perfectly met (Guage R and R - One person doing the same task, and two people doing the same task repeatedly and producing the same and consistent result)
  • Cycle time is greatly reduced, coupled with accuracy thus contributing to productivity in processing.
  • Being a machine, can work 24hrs a day, unlike human effort, who work in 3 shifts of 8 hrs each, which means, non-processing time is literally zero. Hence one software license is equal to 3 FTE worth work, which is more productive and accurate.

Owing to my automation experience, I am the most cursed person, people openly tell me, not to enter their process as there is not scope for automation.... Why...? because people don't want change... If not now, CHANGE has to come, when it has to come... and it will come...
Now it has come...!!! 

My duty is to right-size business process,

and I do my duty "perfectly".


This is not the first time that people are loosing jobs with and through innovation, but this happened since the day, man discovered a "rolling stone" and converted this observation into innovation, as a substitute to move without moving " the wheel" and the consequences are many, both affirmative and subtle, - includes, many palanquin bearers lost their jobs after these people are replaced with this wheel. The advantages are numerous. Those that survive, as Darwin said "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" - because, World runs on the principle of "Survival of the fittest"


When computers came into practice, in offices, people were literally on strike with the government against computerisation, but now, it has become norm of the day, move over, this has come onto one's palm, in the form of mobile phone, today, we cannot imagine a day without mobile and all our contacts are gone at the slip of a mobile phone.


"Fore warned is fore armed..." be aware to cope up and stand straight to the situation by adding more arrows to your quiver. Don't be normal, one among many, but always stand-out.

Like-wise, those who want to be buttered...??? one cannot butter a machine. Being good to the machine doesn't matter anything. Partiality and partisan nature can never see imagine to reach end of the tunnel. Ofcourse, there will be remnant (a very very few)... is the pity of human affairs

  • Just as one writes a macro for all the manual activities, so does RPA tools - mimics most of the human action and,
  • they can perform complex calculations without error, in virtual environment, hence it is also called "Virtual Work Force"

Another strong disadvantage is that, those people who does routine will loose them., meaning: a world of other opportunities awaiting them, one is at liberty to choose his best.  Life doesn't stop at one company. Now, loyalty to one company doesn't reap a paise, because, Business of a business is to do business, only towards more and more profits. It doesn't have answers to questions like "how much MORE can become SUFFICIENT..?"

So, to cope up with this situation, be an exception handler (standing out of the normal crew), Try to posses atleast one extra qualification to the current profession. only then, this DIFFERENCE in processing cannot make distinct DIFFERENCE.

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