Lean-Six Sigma and Reengineering

Quality, ReEngineering and RPA

                                                                                        (Robotic Process Automation)

Introduction to TRIZ

a brief description: Relatively New concept (not though) TRIZ is translated to English Language as "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving". This theory helps us with the founding principles behind innovations. Looking from outside-in, intends towards Enginering and Technology related, but looking into these principles, into the context of the current work done, can equip the user with new ideas as to how, one can decipher the unknown with known principles.

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Robotic Process Automation

This topic tries to let a novice understand what is RPA (Robotic Process Automation, its near origin What RPA does?, advantages and disadvantages, How to deal with it? or who will be ramnant..? the extent of this new methodology and its impact on human lives. Also tries to let understand the material and cost benefits.

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Air Courier System

a brief description of Business Case: This company deals with overnight air courier system. Functions like any other courier system where Sender goes to courier shop, places his requirement, fills in a form which contains receivers address, commodity being sent, description of commodity, if it is a box type of courier, dimensions are mentioned and charged accordingly, and handover to courier agent/shop. In specified time, the courier is sent to the receiver without any missing items.  To learn more please click on Air Courier System, a Business case