Athiest and God -

a Defense by Dr. Ravi Zecharias

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The following videos are created using VideoScribe software, at my leisure time., to encourage viewers to do similar activities...

Truth as a category does exist,

so, Verify Truth to the extent of TRUTH

In Defense of Faith - TRUTH DOES stand alone

What is RPA? Introduces, a laymen's understanding of RPA and its scope.

RPA - Vendors & Products, brief highlight of each vendor - collected from various sources.

Professional Interest

How RPA can transform revenues of an Enterprise..?

In the wake of loss of jobs, this may help sustain..?

How the SPEED game has transformed a BPO into Service Sector.  

Evolution of Technology and Role of man in Technology

Control-Impact is one of the prioritisation tools used in Six Sigma Methodology. 

Four components of RPA Strategy, First of the series for RPA Feasibility Study to Solution deployment.

How Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies help in making RPA, a stable approach.,

This video tries to prioritise and classify as Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.  When and where to implement what types of projects.

Doesnot mean that one board is better than the other - People with out formal education are more better... at times...

a New Video on Machine Learning, which is a part of my course module 1.