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Before I proceed on to the subject of the topic, I would like to consider some examples.


Consider the following example:

We have different countries all over the world and have distinct cultures associated. The core cultures vastly in the interiors than at the frontiers, especially in case of porous borders. There exists some inflow and outflow of people from one country to another. Hence cross-cultural. 

Say for example:
Mexicans are dangerous,
if you were to be new to that place and also that if you do not carry at least some currency in your pocket… and they do not hesitate to shoot you. Hence you make it sure that you will be with some one to accompany you till your residence, or at the worse, especially when you travel alone.. you will make sure that you carry some local currency with you…

New Yorkers are too much work oriented and do not like to be disturbed when at work, then you will not dare to disturb them when at work and preferably you ask their prior permission.

Japanese girls are good wives, and if you are looking for one… you will concentrate more on how a girl would be with you and their behaviour, contrast them to the people you know… and if possible, prefer one.

So, is there anything wrong in knowing the cultures and personalities, if you are going to meet them in the days to come… and also that none of the above examples say nor would be that.. all the mexicans are bad or all the new yorkers are work minded or all the japanese girls are good wives, but most of them are. There may obviously be some people out of the said characters.

Like wise,
say people born on 5th of every month are music lovers, this does not say that each person born on 5th of any month must be a music lover, but most of them are,


Like wise
say people born on 6th of every month are good lovers… this does not mean that every one born on 6th is a great lover.


In fact: if our nearest satellite MOON has measurable impact on the water on the surface of earth in the form of high tide and low tide, (which is why, we are asked not to take too much water on Full Moon days, if we are already suffering from running nose) Why not the other planets have their impact on us.  


More over, my question is: IS there any thing WRONG in knowing the type of person he/she is before meeting him/her

This article is in contrast to "Masked View", but, I believe, we can DISCERN...
as the statement says… FAILURE IS A TEACHER TO THE FUTURE meaning: we may not commit mistakes that are already committed, and also of others, and learn from their experience as well.


So, these Occult Sciences are studies conducted over hundreds of years and has come to a conclusion which we are reading today.  Any science is not 100% accurate, eg, the Gravity we speak, position of the earth, expansion and contraction of universe, or even the Pure Sciences.  So to say, none of the predictions can come true as we can never predict the exact positions of various astronomical bodies.  In addition to that, there were many blunders that were committed in course of years, and calculations have come from 'best precise' to 'nearly precise' and was never exact. 

to conclude on on the context: Read any book that comes to you that can give you a broader perspective of the people around you, so that, you may survive to a better possible extent after knowing who they are or how they are.

This, when related to administration.. you can be a better judge to estimate one’s calibre with regard to his workmanship, his accountability and reliability… not to say in concrete, that, he/she is what is written in the books.

First of all, see to get through the right book and which gives a whole personality view, not glimpses. As per my observation, many people get mislead with the snippets they come across in the news papers and magazines. This may be misleading. A better source is to get to the exact natal chart. 


Please note:

I am neither an astrologer nor numerologist to advocate this topic, but out of my interest, observations and persistant study...  so enjoy reading books, reading people, reading issues etc...


to Conclude:


My Personal Experience

(A Christian Experience: If not interested, please donot read...)

Here, Inspite of all the above said and done, 

Mankind is in search of the ONE who can change all these predictive suppositions.



If so, who can this be…, should it be god, if so, which GOD…

in the infinate number of gods that we come across apart from new ones…  


I found the ONE, who made all these predictions fail, to my favour.

This is my personal experience and will be, to you as well, if you are in need of such a GOD,


may I humbly request you to

try, atlease once...,

you may not loose ANYTHING for a try,

and he is... My Lord and Saviour



  • TRY and find out if HE can help you,
  • TRY when you have lost everything –
    if HE can help you,
  • Try when you are left with absolute
  • because, HE is the only one, who can take a disadvantage, turn into an advantage and handover to you… 


Just Check his PROMISE

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atleast once,
if it FAILS,
ignore for


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