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Now, let us think, to compare and contrast,

  • if a person A, is looking at another person B, who is living in a computer time scale, we can certainly conclude that, the person A, exists, or, is living, in all the trillion seconds, of person B, (which is nearly 300 yrs),
  • so we say that, the time scale of person A, is out of time scope for person B..
  • but, the time scale of Person B, is within the time scale of Person A..,

This can certainly be true, because, stars also follow a different time scales, as they are born, and are dead, after some time, dead stars are what we call as Black Holes...


and not to go further., All animals follow a different time scale,

  • for example, dogs can live for 7 years, and some lucky dogs can live for 14 years...
  • a tortoise can live for 400 yrs, which has a different time scale., Like wise, is with, every other living and non living being.


This is how, some thing can exist beyond the time scale of another...


When we talk about God, we imagine him from within our time scale, and ask questions about the existence of God, but looking beyond our time scale is a necessity here... 


When any god lives within human time scale, he is born, like all of us, has life, and dies at some point of time, like every one of us, and is with-in human time scale, therefore, he is human, and not God...


For a character or a person to be elevated to the state of GOD, should be for entire human race, or God should be God for all humans, and cannot be narrowed down to humans, who belong to a particular time period, after which he vanishes. 


God cannot vanish, just like that.


so, when we say God, HE should be out of human time scale, to work with the entire human race, but not limited to human time scale, if so, he will be catering to the needs of a few.

So, It is not surprising, if Bible Claims that,
1 day is equal to a 1000 years and a 1000 years is equal to 1 day., which is true... from the above discussion.  


God will certainly have that inherent quality or character to zoom-in and zoom-out of any time scale,


He operates from a superior time scale, which encompases all others, and are under his absolute control.


Guess, I could atleast help you in getting into different time scales as to how, we humans work and live with.. which need not be another beings time scale.

This article is purely out of my study and respective analysis.  God did tell me, as to how he Operates...  and also, I am not, and cann't be THAT qualified or THAT fortunate.


This is a question, asked by many people, and the answers are very weird to me, so I wanted to share what I think.  


In any generation, time flies by, and many times, literally no one notices it... because TIME WAITS FOR NONE.


For example, if you might have met a person, who once was your best friend, may be during your college days, we say, Oh..! how soon, ten years passed by...  but did really, ten years passed by, so soon, as you imagined?


Another example, if you are waiting for some important person, time will never pass by... and the number of times you watch your time may be more than the minutes in that hour...


but in both the cases, time remains constant... it is your relative behaviour on that given context that changed, but not time...


Einstein once said, Put your hand on a stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour, Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute..


Even physicists agree that, time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand.


so what is time...?  

for all practical purposes, time is a standardised constant, used to measure the gap between any two events....


Let us consider a time line, for one year,

  • now, drill down, to 1 month..., 
  • still drill down to 1 day,
  • further drill down to 1 hr,
  • and next, come down to 1min

We pretty well know that, a computer works with a speed capacity of 1 MIPS,  or, one million instructions per second, so, in 10 secs, a computer can operate on 10 million instructions


  • what if this is a BIPS system..., billion instructions per second
  • what if it is still advanced system with operating speed at TIPS, or, trillion instructions per second...

I think, we need not to go further... as, it is clear that, one trillionth of a human second equals one second in a computer.


Now Imagine a person, living at a computer time scale., where one unit of time, or a trillionth of a human second, is a second in that man's life...  then,


the following are the calculations as per Google, and you can verify that as well...



extract from Google
gallery/trillion secs in months
gallery/trillion secs in days



  • Person A, is God, who is out of the human time scale,
  • Person B's is Human being, the time scale in which we live.



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