Athiest and God -

a Defense by Dr. Ravi Zecharias

Multiply two two-digit numbers without actual multiplication - 01

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The following videos are created using VideoScribe software, at my leisure time., to encourage viewers to do similar activities...

Multiply two two-digit numbers without actual multiplication - 02

Truth as a category does exist,

so, Verify Truth to the extent of TRUTH

In Defense of Faith - TRUTH DOES stand alone

The Original intension: to introduce the concept of PUBLIC EYE where any one can watch any other...

General - Public Interest

Multiply any two digit number with single digit number, when tables from 1 to 10 are known

Deals with the confusion, the institution of religion is spreading. Various kinds of popular views. The answer may be Judeo-Christian View

Simplicity of the language  - with just 17 words will help to understand any number in Indonesia or in Malaysia

This language is spoken by over 200 million across SE archipelago.  Good to learn something New.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we have to travel, unlike our primitive ancestors,

Many goes by unnoticed

Source of occult sciences, man's limitations to understand and comprehend the Universe as a whole, 

Remembering This Great Man's Life and Messages...

Helps parents to create an excel file, to generate questions at random.  Thus helping children prepare well for exams.