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Collate Multiple files into One

Multiple files with the same format are appended to a single sheet

The process is fairly simple, provided you know the code.,  I am publishing code here, which you can copy and paste into Excel., after following the given procedure to do so.


Example: If each sheet from different files are to be imported to the current workbook, then following procedure / Code will he helpful.


Usage situation: If there is a team of 10 people, maintaining excel files the same type of data in a single workbook, in their work. 



  • Press Alt + F11
  • Copy Code from here and paste into Code Window
  • Place a Command Button on WorkSheet
  • Assign this code to the command button
  • Compile this code by pressing Alt + D, L

Work done...

User Activity:

  • Click on the Command Button
  • a File Open Dialog box is displayed
  • Select the files that are to be added to the current workbook
  • Click OK on the FileOpen Dialog box

all the selected files are added to the current workbook



Images for reference only:

gallery/sheet 01
gallery/sheet 02

Sample Sheet 01 (Data source: Internet - generic Data)

Sample Sheet 01 (Data source: Internet - generic Data)

Consoliated Data Sheet (Data source: Internet - generic Data)