Class IV Social Quiz - Skill 

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  1. MLJ Trust
  2. CFC India Website
  3. RZIM
  4. Dr. Ravi Zecharias YouTube Channel
  5. Joseph Hoffman - Free Piano Lessons


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How to Launch this skill

  • Enable the skill on the Alexa. 
  • To Enable this skill, Just say "Alexa, Open Quiz Fourth Social" or "Alexa, Launch Quiz Fourth Social".
  • Alexa will ask to enable this skill, respond saying YES.  This skill can also be enabled through Alexa App on mobile device.
  • The device will provide you with a brief introduction to the skill.

This skill is replication of American Reindeer Skill Template,
provided my Amazon for Alexa Skill Development


This skill is certified and is in Amazon Alexa store

about the skill:

The base content is from CBSE course curriculum for
Fourth Class Social Studies subject. 

  • The skill, randomly selects 10 questions from the Questions database.
  • Reads the question.
  • Reads the answers to the question.
  • for example:
    • Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle of?
      • 1. Panipat
      • 2. Pataliputra
      • 3. Patna
      • 4. None
  • In response to this question, the user has to say the answer number instead of the answer - {ie., 1 (One) instead of Panipat}.
    • Skill checks,
    • The skill responds, if the answer is correct.
    • Provides you with the current score
    • for example: if the current question is four and if you have answered 3 questions correctly, then
    • the skill says, you have answered 3 out of 4 questions correctly.
  • Towards the end of the Quiz, it wil tell you the number of correct answers of the total number of questions (10) based on your responses.
  • and the Quiz Closes.

Future Changes:

as of now, all the questions are placed in a single database, but as a future course of action,

  • the user can ask skill to get questions from a particular chapter. 
  • also, the questions will be grouped on quarterly, half yearly and annual basis.  

This will help the students to prepare for the respective exams and can instill confidence in the students.