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"Why do parents fight ?"

so, conflict or fight can start at any point:

  1. Some people try to find chances to start a fight,
  2. some others take every opportunity to start a fight,
  3. some people fight, even there is no sufficient cause or reason to fight..,
  4. some people dont fight at all...

all the above are not good for a happy family or to live in peace.

  1. we can fight for a cause and have a proper reason to defend one's point of view.., else the fight becomes useless.
  2. a good fight will always result in positive or constructive outcome, this outcome will certainly help family to live a better life.
  3. as we constantly fight, we loose interest over the other person and we try to ignore the fighting person, even in the family.
  4. at some point of time, you will be alone in the world and none really cares for, hence you should be in search of new people.  Even here, at the new place and with new friends, you start fight, because, the basic nature is such.... to fight.  Just like the scorpion and the tortoise story.

Scoripon and the tortoise - story

Once there lived a scorpion and a tortoise, and the tortoise lived in the river and on the bank, lived scorpoin.  Summer grew very hot and every thing on the side of the scopion is getting dried up, hence scorpoin is not finding any thing to eat and live.  So, one day, scorpion approached tortoise and asked him to take him to the other side of the river where, as the saying says, grass on the other side is always green... to which tortoise didnot accept initially, but after repeated requests, after tortoise found that scorpoin is growing week day by day, agrees, but on a condition., the condition that scorpion will not sting the tortoise.

Scorpion agreed and sat on the shell of the tortoise and tortoise began to cross the river, carefully,  in the mid way, scorpion stings tortoise.  Tortoise says: see, you broke your promise that you will not sting., to which Scorpion responses, that is my nature., how can you ignore that...??  and both gets drowned in the river and die.


so, the lesson we learn is that:

the basic nature of the person doesn't change, no matter what ever the situations or circumstances are...


So, we have a very good solution to this problem.. the solution is JESUS CHRIST.  We go to Him with our bad nature, submit it before Him, and we get new nature.  This can be done only with CHRIST JESUS and none else.  This is called re-generation or


so, always submit to JESUS...

Daddy, Why do parents fight after they have children...? is the question that my daughter asked me..


The following is my response.,

There will be many reasons as to why they fight, most of the times, they fight for nothing, or most of the times they fight for something that doesn't add any value to the family...!!


For example, we go to a hotel, and I order for Chicken Biryani, you change your mind to Mutton Biryani.  The stewart says that, the mutton biryani is not available and they can serve only chicken biryani...


I try to convince you that, next week, when we go to a hotel, you can have mutton biryani, but you don't compromise and still insist on mutton biryani.

In this context, though, I try to convince you, you are not convinced and you turn more arrogant saying, I want only mutton biryani and nothing else....


Here starts the problem., and the alternative are, that, next time, I will not take you to hotel or if I take you to hotel, I get confirmation from you that you will have, that which is available and will not insist on something else that is not available.


Again, we go to hotel, now, you change your mind again and insist on chicken biryani, when the hotel serves only mutton biryani.,  again, the problem starts with where we left the previous week, inspite of your promise that you will have what is served...


So, now where is the problem...??

Her response: the problem is with me...


Her response: because, I didnot stand on my promise, that, I will stick to that, which is being served...


Exactly, this is what it happens when parents fight... they fight for nothing, or they fight for something that doesnot add any value...


In this case, you like both chicken and mutton biryani, but then, why do you insist on that, which is not available...??


so, what we often forget is, that which Bible says, thank God for what is given and enjoy the food... in this case,

  1. neither we thank God
  2. nor do we enjoy the given food
  3. nor do we let others enjoy...

This is exactly what satan does in our lives...

he will not let us live in peace, nor does he allows the others to live in peace... He is an expert to deal with us in very subtle ways, that we cann't even recognise that the suggested way is bad...


with children at their free time

"...Often, they fight for nothing or

to that, which, doesn't add any value..."