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How to study "The HOLY BIBLE" ?

A holistic View of the BIBLE

2. Gospels:  There are four books, depicting the Life of Jesus on Earth, right from the birth of Christ to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

So, These Gospels can also be called as the books of Prophecy Fulfilments.  All the prophecies, that were made in regards to Jesus are fulfilled in these Four gospels.


That is the reason, many times we find references to The Old Testament, while we read through The New Testament.


3. Rest of the books of the New Testamant, with exception to the Book of Revelation, is to Guide the people to live a Christian Life.


  • among these, the first book is called the Book of Acts, which depicts the works of the disciples of JESUS CHRIST.
  • The Formation of a group or a gathering, which is initially called as
    THE WAY, at a later stage, the same group is called Church, which means, a group of people, gathering in the Name of JESUS CHRIST.
  • Of all the disciples of Jesus, St. Paul is a Prominent person, who dedicated his entire life, after knowing Jesus, to spread the Gospels, the Truth Message.  
  • These are called Letters to Various Churches, (not to general public) which he established at various places on his journey., He has nearly three journeys to various parts of Western part of Asian Continent.

4.  The Book of Revelation:  This book, tells us, what happens to those who believe in Jesus and what happen to those who doesn't believe in Jesus


So, No where it is written in the Bible, that Bible is for every human being, but for the FOUR GOSPELS


so, do we preach, about Jesus...?


YES, because, Jesus told that us or commanded us to spread his message to the whole world.  He asked his dispicles to do so, after His ascension to the Father.  He also Prayed for his disciples and also for those who trust and obey the teachings of disciples.

So it is one of our prime jobs to spread the works and words of JESUS, in whome we believe.  Also, the one who experiences the Life of Jesus cannot keep quiet.


JESUS, himself has given, to the one who believes in Him, ONE basic commands, Love One Another,  just because, we love, we also...

  1. Pray, and
  2. Preach Gospel so that people may not perish.

So, we need to Pray all the times and Preach Gospel, to who ever comes to us, or, where ever we go.

So, if any one believes the message of Jesus, and accepts Jesus, becomes a Christian.  To him are the letters collected, after Acts in order to live a Christian Life


What do they get, if they live a Christian Life is written in the Final Book called
The Book of Revelation.


Thank you, for your time, God Bless You.

Firstly, I thank God for the help, to explain Godly lesson in their terms...


My Objective is to instill in children, the practical applicability of Bible in their day-to-day lives...


This context is from family prayer, where I dealt with my children, who are in Class I and Class IV.  The following context is when my daughter asked me as to:


What the entire Bible speaks about...?


To let them understand, I have to give them a complete view of the BIBLE, which they read.




with children at their free time

The Holy BIBLE OverView

The Bible is divided into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testamant., which is seen in the Bible itself., but, in my view, the Bible is of five parts, namely

  1. Books of Moses,
  2. Rest of the books - Prophesies
  4. Christian Life - Letters to Churches
  5. Revelation of John

1. Old Testamant:  Old testament, narates the incidents from the Origin of Species to the Promised Land. The initial books of Old testament, dominantly, is the journey and the Life and Times of Israel., which now is a Nation... deals with various events, that took place with Israel and circumstances and situations during the times of Israel. 


We, also see traces, on the Life of JESUS. 


As we move from the initial books, to the later books, the Character of Jesus is clearly seen.  Right from the birth of Christ, the type of Life He is going to Live, the type of opposition he is going to face from his own people, how HE is going to die and How he is going to raise again from the dead..


Dominant books that foretell or prophecy the Life and Times of Jesus are Psalms, Isaiah, Jermaiah, Zechariah, and other such books.


Book of Daniel operates on Gods timelines for this Globe, means, it is for the entire World and its outcome till the second coming of JESUS.  Not every one can understand this book, unless, one has a clear understanding of World History and of Bible. 


Most of them are fulfilled.