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Mark 4:1-20 

"The Sower and the Seeds" - Parable

My turn to explain the same message to my children:

  1. I asked my daughter to imagine, that she is in her class, and listening to her teacher, teaching Mathematics.
  2. First Category of soil: Seeds on the road side
    When the teacher starts teaching mathematics, so, you open your text book, to the exact page, where teacher asked you to open, there after, look into the pictures, and start to think, what the diagram is? what the little girl is in diagram looks like? then you think, Oh! she looks like my sister...!  Oh, Now, what my sister is doing at home? what break fast do I have for lunch today? Is it tastier or not? Is there adequate salt in the curry or not and other such questions, which are not from Mathematics.... and as you are in your  own thoughts, you lost what your teacher taught you.
    So, when teacher asks you a question, you cannot answer.  This is the first type of soil
  3. This is the Second Category of soil.
    You are in the class, listened to what your teacher told you and you can answer all the questions, your teacher asks you, but by the time you come home, you forget what your teacher told you in the class. This is the second type of soil.
  4. This is the Third category of soil.
    You hear the class well, you answer all the questions at school, you come home, still remember what your teacher told you, and can tell your daddy, what all, your teacher told you in the class, but when the same problem is given with a simple change, like change in numbers, you cannot answer the problem.  This is third type of soil.
  5. This is the Fourth Category Soil.
    You can answer all answers at school, at home, can work with problems with change in numbers, but when the problem turns complex, you start doing mistakes, but may not be entirely wrong all the times. 
    The more the complex the problem, the more number of mistakes you do. 
    Only a few problems, you can solve 100% correctly, some problems, you do 60% correctly, some problems, you do 30% correctly.

So, not every one who claims to be a Christian is a Christian in a TRUE sense. 


They may make mistakes, at times blunders, but they never loose hope in JESUS.

Firstly, I thank God for the help, to explain Godly lesson in their terms...


My Objective: to instill in children the practical applicability of Bible in their day-to-day lives...


This context is from family prayer, where I deal with my children, who are in Class I and Class IV, and I had to explain them, what Mark 4:1-20 is about...


First ten verses (1 - 10) is where JESUS gives the parable and concludes with "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear" v. 10


The children here, doesnt know, what a sower is, how do they sow seeds and others, as cited in the parable. 


Here we can see four main types of soil and three sub types in the last type.  All these are related to the yield. 

The seed, The Soil and the Yield are the three key points to ponder upon.


  1. V3 - Listen ! (not just hear...!!)
    Behold, a sower to soweth seeds
  2. v4 - some fell by the way side, ie path
  3. v5 - some fell on stony ground
  4. v7 - some fell among thorns
  5. v8 - other fell on good ground
    1. thirty fold
    2. sixty fold
    3. hundred fold


Later, when disciples asked him of the parable, in private, he gave them the following explanation...


  1. v14 - sower soweth the word of God.
  2. v15 - by the way side, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away
  3. v16 -  on stony ground - when affliction or persecution ariseth immediately they are offended. 
  4. v18 - sown among thorns; deceitfulness of riches, and lusts  choke the word, and becometh unfruitful.
  5. v20 -  sown on good ground; bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred


with children at their free time

The sower and the seed